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Entry #1

"LOL, trying to get dem undies?"

2008-07-10 13:31:12 by DjMateius

MY CONVO WIT 187!!!!

Ya Boi BABKR187 (1:17:04 PM): lmfao da girl i called a sack of gorjus jus sed "i love you so fuckin much bby"
Udo Seriyuu (1:17:20 PM): WOW!!!
Udo Seriyuu (1:17:24 PM): u love her?
Udo Seriyuu (1:17:26 PM): LMAO!!!
Udo Seriyuu (1:17:30 PM): should i even ask
Udo Seriyuu (1:17:32 PM): ?
Ya Boi BABKR187 (1:17:41 PM): er she loves me more than i love her to b honest haha
Udo Seriyuu (1:18:04 PM): LOL, trying to get dem undies?
Udo Seriyuu (1:18:07 PM): LMAO!!!
Ya Boi BABKR187 (1:18:08 PM): cheaa
Ya Boi BABKR187 (1:18:09 PM): lmao
Udo Seriyuu (1:18:12 PM): LOL!!!!!
Ya Boi BABKR187 (1:18:21 PM): looks like ima have to dat her 1st tho
Ya Boi BABKR187 (1:18:27 PM): but that body is like
Ya Boi BABKR187 (1:18:29 PM): BAM

"LOL, trying to get dem undies?"


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2008-07-10 13:49:16

u missed out da part where u asked me if she woz a virgin n i sed "naw lmfao, i dont fuck with tha wall" LMFAO

DjMateius responds:

OOO yea LMAO!!!!!


2008-10-09 08:39:47

Yall are crazy lol!